The Founders

From a childhood friendship lasting almost forty years, two friends came together to build a socially aware company with a clear vision in mind; Bringing the benefits of flora and fungi derived goodness to the masses and to provide it in an ethical and sustainable manner.

In today’s busy world, this natural raw state miracle has been lost or dismissed and pharmaceutical products have been misguidedly pushed to the forefront.

Realising that this is neither sustainable nor healthy, going back to nature and all the symbiotic wellness that it offers, has been the driving force in building our company and to bring nature’s cure into people’s lives.

The Company

Body You Love is a business with huge ambitions. We launched in early 2020 and soon after, Covid-19 changed the world landscape. Nevertheless, our mission remains the same. To bring the finest in natural, organic, vegan food supplements to those seeking to find an alternate source for their wellness and healthy living routine.

Products such as our CBD oils have been carefully sourced from verified sources allowing us provide third party laboratory analysis, highlighting the CBD potency and quality of the product. We want our customers to feel completely comfortable with what we are offering and our product efficacy.

It was really important for us to be a responsible and socially conscious enterprise with a small sustainable footprint. In this regard, we aim to produce 100% recyclable containers and have decided to dispense with any superfluous packaging that only adds additional environmental production costs. Vanity is not necessary.

Socially, we want to aid good causes and provide charitable support to various organisations focusing on mental health and to incorporate this into our brand ethos. We plan to launch this soon.